Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Places To Visit

One year ago I only checked email and read the headlines. These days I am scouring websites for fabrics, old furniture, architectural salvage materials and other people who love design.
One of the first sites that I came across was
I spent hours pouring through the postings of modern furniture enthusiasts and other self-proclaimed DIY-ers. It was just what I needed to get hooked on spending way too many hours in front of the computer. Recently on Curbly I came across They are located in Chicago, not too far from me, and a great reason to plan a weekend trip to Chicago, see the Cubs play and spend hours hunting through the possible goodies I could (could being the word that impels me to hunt for great, discarded possibilities) find. With a garage stacked with tables, chairs, trunks, anyone with a drop of good sense would know there is a problem here. Nonetheless, I will keep hunting for that discarded or unwanted piece that needs a little imagination and a great piece of fabric to make it live again!!!

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