Friday, January 25, 2008

Mod Platform Pet Bed

These are a few pics of a pet bed utilizing an old coffee table top which doesn't look so bad but it was way too big for my living room. I upholstered a donut like piece in the middle so the cushion would have some traction. I stained legs to go on this but it ended up being too high. The privacy screen was made from a cut down four way folding screen. I stained the outside wood to match the wood on the table. I then added a dacron batting down the middle of each panel, upholstered the front and back, added covered buttons and glued trim around the edges to cover the staples.
The dog cushion was made just like a big round pillow with a zipper in the back for cleaning.
The insert was filled with hi-loft dacron fiberfill. The band or boxing around the middle of the cushion was made from canvas, that black shiny Halloween costume patent leather and a buckle I had. Throw pillows for doggy's comfort. This bed was a donation to a local high school for their annual fundraiser. I was thrilled to learn that two women were arguing over who had actually won it. I'll never know.