Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dog Bed Heaven

Notice the black patent leather "belt"
Satin ruffle with antique green accent pin

Tailored and subdued

Preppy Houndstooth

Dog bed design is as easy as can be. After Design*Sponge posts finalists for their DIY projects, I'll post my extensive How-To. For fun, I am posting some of my favorite dog cushions I've made in the past couple of years. Each one has a removable and washable cushion cover. This design can easily be used as a comfy t.v. watching floor pillow. Easy instructions coming soon.


LJoy said...

Thanks for your advice on my question over at How about Orange!
If I were to make a cushion that tied to the back, are their any HOW-TOs out there that you recommend?

shelly said...

L*Joy keep checking FLIPT, I'm getting ready to launch basic upholstery classes in just about everything. I'll fit the cushion with ties in early.