Monday, March 10, 2008

DIY ModUpholstery 101: Chair Makeover

The upholstery projects I'll be demonstrating have been streamlined and simplified for the DIY Upholsterer. With the techniques I'll cover, and practice, you will find yourself improving from project to project. Don't give up, it does take practice.

You probably have some of the tools that are necessary to get started. The electric staple gun can be found at a Lowes or Home Depot. The cording and curved needles can be found at a Hancock Fabrics and possibly JoAnn. Most all of you DIY-ers have a glue gun which isn't pictured, but handy.


tack hammer or small hammer
measuring tapes
staples/electric staple gun
large scissors
utility knife
crescent pliers
flat head screwdriver
double welt cord
single welt cord
fabric for cording

If you love tools and supplies like I do, you can buy all sorts of upholstery supplies later but this will get you going.

The first project I'm going to make over is a Goodwill chair (found on one of my Goodwill Hunting trips and snagged for a mere $9.99). Someone replaced the legs and put them on backwards so we'll have to fix them right off the bat.
Find yourself a chair, check the fabric yardage estimator chart linked below, purchase fabric and let's do it.


(notice "Vince Vega's" autographed pic in the background)

Go to: and click on the fabric estimator for upholstery and add in 1/2 yard more for good measure.

I'll need 7 yard for this excluding repeat. I'll add 20% more for a large repeat.

next class: Tear down and Assessment

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